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Description of our services.

Leadthrough of non-destructive control and diagnosticating of quality of industrial wares, materials and buildings by the basic methods of non-destructive control of the followings objects:

  • Systems of gas-supplying.

  • The equipment of the oil and gas industry:
    • The equipment for drilling chinks.
    • Equipment for the stations, pumpings over oil and gas.
    • Gas pipelines and oil pipelines.
    • Reservoirs for oil and for products from oil.

  • Equipment for explosive and chemically dangerous productions:
    • Equipment for chemical, petrochemical and productions of processing oil, working under constraint over 160 kgf/see2.
    • Reservoirs for storage of explosive dangerous and toxic matters.
    • Compressor and pumping equipment.
    • Technological pipelines, pipelines of steam and hot water.

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